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Morten Meyer's Personal Website

Hello and Welcome

This is Morten Meyer's personal website. I am a 47 year old Norwegian born and raised in Botnhamn, Northern Norway. I live and work in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. After 12 years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and 2 years in Florida, USA the family moved to Dubai in August 2011. We love the nice and warm weather in Dubai, where especially the winters are nice. Send me e-mail by clicking here!

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About this website

Mortenmeyer.com is first of all a personal site with pictures and information about me and my family. The intention is that our friends and family shall be able to follow and see what we are doing, especially now when we live outside Norway. Other visitors might find a lot of other interesting and helpful information; like travel letters, travel pictures and links to interesting sites. I am trying to update the site as often as I can depending on where we are and what we are doing. For those of you looking for pictures you should start by browsing through our Photo Albums. Golfers should check out the Golf Pages. Make sure you look up all my other domains and websites as well. All news and stories are posted on the Notice Board. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do!

Hobbies and Interests My hobbies are electrical engineering, data and golf. Electrical Engineering is more than work for me, it is my hobby as well. I love working with my computers till late at night, always trying to learn new things or creating new websites. I like reading technical books, enjoy any cruise news and have a great interest for shipping in general. I try to work out as much as I can and have recently started to play golf. However, most of my spare time I spend with my family.

My FamilyFredrik - my son - is 15 years old and a student at a private school in Dubai. His interests are XBox, Sony Playstation, computers, football, basketball, rollerblading and swimming. Fredrik is a nice and bright boy who is always in a good mood. Inger - my wife - has been at my side since 1987. We got married in 1994. Inger is born in Norway but moved to Sweden when she was 7 years old. Her main interests are golf, traveling, shopping and charity work!

Photo Albums Feel free to browse through our Photo Albums. We have collected all our best photos from the last years here, and a collection of older photos and vacation pictures as well. Each album is sorted by year and event so it is quite easy to find your way through them. New albums will be added regularly, so make sure you come back as often as possible. Right now we are organizing and posting some really old pictures.

Family and Friends Vunni - my mother- lives in Botnhamn in Northern Norway, north of the arctic circle, on Norway's second biggest island; Senja. The rest of my closest family lives in Tromsø and Trondheim in Norway. My wife Inger's family lives in Malmö, Sweden. Her mother is from Porsgrunn, Norway, but have lived in Malmö for many years. The rest of our friends and family are in Norway, Sweden, USA and all over the world.

Notice BoardOn the Notice Board we are posting family news, stories, travellogues from vacations and a lot of other interesting matters. Like a real noticeboard, this page is changing all the time, so make sure you check in as often as you can. Right now you can read how it was living in Malaysia, Inger tells you where to shop in Beijing and you can read about the places we have been visiting while we were living in Malaysia.

Golf Pages Golf...sport or pure stupidity? Well, we have been bitten by the bug. The whole family is playing golf, some better than others, and while we are still beginners we are slowly improving our game. Golf is a fantastic sport in warm countries with perfect golf weather almost all year round. We have listed all the courses we have played on, and we are even rating them too!

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