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Together with Trond Schistad and Erik Engelbrethsen and their families we hired a bungalow at A'Famosa Resort near Malacca from 30 January to 2 February. We played golf every morning and enjoyed the rest of the park in the afternoon. On the last day we went to Malacca to explore the city.

The Bungalow we stayed in

Watch out for Crocodiles

A'Famosa Waterworld

Lunch at Renaissance Melaka Hotel

Fredrik testing a cannon at Fort St. John

The view of Malacca from the hilltop

Inside Fort St. John at the hilltop

Fredrik and Inger at the town square

Iguanas can be 2 meter and 10 kilo

Phyton snakes kill by choking

Melaka Town Square

The famous clock tower

Melaka Christ Church from 1753

Town Square waterfountain

A windmill showing the Dutch influence

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