Summer Vacation

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These are pictures from our summer vacation in Norway and Sweden 2006.

The ten first pictures are from our vacation in Sweden 1-10 July and 5-8 August 2006,

while the rest is from our vacation in Norway 10 July to 5 August 2006.

BBQ in Åkarp outside Malmö

Therese, Fredrik and Alicia

Thomas and Inger at Barcebäck

Dinner in Limhamn

BBQ at Ulf's cottage in Sövde

Morten's broken foot

Morten gets a cast on his left foot

Morten's vacation on crutches

Fredrik and Carl in Copenhagen

Fredrik and Alicia taking a swim

Botnhamn seen from the air

Thomas, Martin, Stian, Haakon and Fredrik

Fredrik and Benjamin playing football

Fredrik and Inger at Husøy

Fredrik enjoying the view at Botnhamn

Dinner party 28 July

Mirror view at a market in Tromsø

The world's biggest troll

Fredrik at the Senjatroll

The kids enjoy pizza and soda

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