Formula 1 2007

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The Malaysian F1 Grand Prix 2007 took place at Sepang F1 circuit just outside Kuala Lumpur from 6 to 8 April 2007. Once again it was the second race of the year as the Formula 1 2007 season started in Australia on March 18. There were 17 races in 2007 and the season ended in Brazil on October 21 with Kimi Raikonen as world champion.

Official Malaysian Grand Prix website

The hottest race in Formula 1

Qualification on Saturday

Fredrik at the racetrack

Sepang welcomes you

Morten and Fredrik at Sepang

Presentation of Fernando Alonso

The start with 22 cars in the field

First stretch, who will take the lead?

First turn, Alonso and Hamilton 1-2

And off they go for 56 laps

Alonso in the lead on first lap

Kimi Raikonen took third place

Kimi at full speed in turn 1

Masa had to settle for fifth

The Winner Alonso on last lap

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