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Pictures from Mumbai, India, formerly known in English as Bombay. Mumbai is a city with an estimated population of about 13 million. Along with its neighbouring suburbs, it forms the world's sixth most populous metropolitan area with a population of about 25 million.

Bombay means "good bay"

Two porters welcomes Morten

View from Hilton Towers pool

Typically Indian taxi car

Bombay beach line

Beggers are everywhere

Taxis everywhere

Cows in the street

Indian street food

Indian spices for sale

Marine brass things sold everywhere

Taxi here there and everywhere

Streetlife in Bombay

Morten in a street in Bombay

A persian carpet for sale

Thief's marked on a Friday afternoon

Scap for sale at the Thief's marked

Morten at the Thief's marked

Everything you can imagine

Goats in the street

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