Botnhamn 2002

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Here are pictures from our summer vacation in Botnhamn 25 June to 10 July 2002.

Click here to see more pictures from our Scandinavian summer vacation 2002.

Fredrik takes a rest at Kvanaksla

Morten with the Stonnebotn fjord in the background

Fredrik with the Malangen strait in the background

Morten on the top of Breitinden

It was too cold to swim

Mathias and Marian

Fredrik, Thomas, Håkon, Stian and Benjamin

The children enjoy the summer sun

Fredrik, Håkon, Stian, Thomas and Tonje

Fredrik relax in the grass at Brensholmen

The Meyer family at the beach in Laukvik

Shrimp party

Fredrik takes a picture of pappa

Grandma and Fredrik

Fredrik by the sea

Botnhamn in the summer of 2002

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