Scandinavia 2002

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Here are pictures from our summer vacation in Scandinavia 20 June to 13 July 2002.

Inger and Fredrik had vacation in Scandinavia from 6 June to 3 August 2002.

Click here to see more pictures from our summer vacation in Botnhamn 2002.

Mid-summer celebration in Malmö, Sweden

BBQ party in Malmö

Peter, Thomas and Fredrik

Peter, Fredrik and Thomas

Mamma gets a kiss

Tønsberg, Norway

Nøtterøy, Norway

Torød, Norway

Pizza party with the Døsvik family

Morten and Frank

Fredrik and Jørgen

Our old house in Torød

Kaptein Sabeltann show

Kaptein Sabeltann the musical

Fredik lost his first tooth

Summer 2002

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