17 May 2004

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Norway's constitutional and national day, "17 May", was celebrated in a hot and humid Kuala Lumpur. We started with lunch at the Fon's home and went later to the party at the Bukit Kiara Club.

Hot dog and soda for lunch

Norwegian lunch at the Fon's home

Delicious Norwegian food

The kids played in the pool

The Ambassador's speach

Norway's National Anthem

Fredrik sings "Ja, vi elsker"

I like Norway because...it snows there

Fredrik is ready for the parade

The KL parade, ready to go

The Meyer family 17 May 2004

Fredrik likes 17 May

Norwegian Galla Dinner 18 May 2004

Morten and TV celebrity Arne Hjeltnes

Inger, Morten and the foreign minister of Norway

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