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These are our vacation pictures from Bali 20-25 April together with the Jorgensen-Jensen family. We stayed at the Inna Putri Bali hotel at Nusa Dua beach, and played golf at Bali Golf and Country Club.

The island of Bali

Fredrik is pointing out Nusa Dua

Mathias, Benjamin and Fredrik

The Bali millionaire

Volcano cliff at the bach

Two Bali boys

Riding a big sea turtle

Bat-i bat-i BAT

Tropical bird

The Bali bomb monument

Fishing boats at Nusa Dua

At Turtle Island

Flying Dutchman

Temple on the beach

Nice and relaxing

The Gameboys

The gate at Nusa Dua

Bubba Gump restaurant

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

A game of pool

Fredrik jumping high up

Small sea turtle

The snake boys

Huge water lizard

Big waves at Nusa Dua

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