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As usual we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a vacation to Langkawi, an island off the north western part of Malaysia, close to the border of Thailand. This year we stayed for the sixth time at Pelangi Beach Resort from 9-13 February 2005. We played golf at Datai Bay and Gunung Raya.

Pelangi Beach Resort

Breakfast at the Pelangi Club

Fredrik in the pool slide

Dreaming yourself away...

So hot, you need a lot of drinks

The pool at Pelangi

Closeup of Fredrik

Fredrik on Pelangi Beach

A kayak trip to the other side

Such a white beach

Fredrik in the pool bar

Fredrik loves the pool at Pelangi

Sunset coctails at the Pelangi Club

Golf at Datay Bay, beautiful hole 19

Relaxing at Gunung Raya Golf Course


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