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Kuala Lumpur, 2 November 2003

Last words written 4 January 2004

Well, we were planning to write about our plans for 2003...but the year came and ended so fast. So this "news" ended up more more like the year's history book, but anyway here it is...

We came back to Malaysia from our Christmas Vacation in Norway on the 5th of January. Inger’s mother, Aase Gerdman, visited us from 5th of January to the beginning of March. Together we had a nice vacation at Pelangi Beach Resort at Langkawi during the Chinese New Year 31 January to 3 February 2003. After that Morten left for Singapore and spent most of February, March and April dry-docking cruise ships at Sembawang Shipyard. Margot Johansson visited in March and played a lot of golf with Inger. Fredrik and Inger took then a nice vacation to Langh Tenga in April together with friends. When Morten came home from Singapore the family first went on vacation to Pulau Redang and then later to Awana Kijal Golf and Beach Resort on the Malysian East Coast.

Inger’s brother and his family visited us from 16 June to 16 July. We played a lot of golf and had fun together. This was their second visit to Malaysia. Fredrik and Inger went for a one week vacation to Malmö in Sweden at the end of July. They later joined Morten for a three week’s summer vacation as usual in Northern Norway. During the vacation we went to Trondheim as well and visited friends and family there.

We came back to Malaysia again on the 10th of August. Morten went to Hong Kong for the dry-docking of Superstar Leo in September, and later went back for the dry-docking of Wasa Queen in the beginning of October. He then flew to Singapore for the dry-docking of Megastar Aries in mid-October. During his stay in Singapore Fredrik and Inger paid him a visit from 22 to 27 October. We stayed at the Orchid Country Club and played a lot of golf and went on Night Safari. And of course, not to be forgotten, Fredrik and Inger did a lot of shopping as well.

In the beginning of November Inger and a friend went on a shopping trip to Beijing, China. We will most likely come back with a story about this trip later on as Inger has promised to write about it in the Scandinavian Society Magazine here in Malaysia.

We had a very nice BBQ party in our condo on the 15th of November. Over 30 guests enjoyed good food and cold drinks until the wee ours of the night...

We had our traditional Christmas Dinner in the middle of December. Morten then went to Singapore for the docking of Megastar Taurus in December. For Christmas the whole family went to Perth in Australia and celebrated on a resort hotel on the Scarborough Beach. We had a hot and nice Christmas with a lot of sun, golf and play. What is better than celebrating Christmas on the other side of the world? Down under it is actually mid-summer in December? Anyway, it was a very different Christmas than the previous year when we celebrated in a winter cold and dark Northern Norway!

For those who wonder how we are doing with the Spanish lessons we can inform you we are doing quite OK. We have been learning Spanish for 2 years now and are slowly starting to speak the language. For those who don't know it, just as last year we have Spanish lessons every Saturday afternoon.

The big happening this year was that Inger and Morten started to play golf! During the spring both became gradually better in the game. Inger is now playing 2 times a week with friends, and every Saturday Inger and Morten have a game together. Fredrik will soon start to take golf lessons as well.

Best regards,

Fredrik, Inger and Morten.


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